Celliant Recovery Apparel

Celliant Recovery Apparel

Designed to promote recovery.

Empower your Body to Recover


Celliant promotes a more restful sleep


Celliant aids in faster, quicker recovery


Celliant promotes recovery


Celliant supports thermoregulation

Freedom to Feel Like a Kid Again

Celliant recovery apparel contains a patented blend of 13 infrared active minerals that never wash out. These minerals recycle your body’s own energy which aids in faster, quicker recovery and supports thermoregulation.

Celliant recovery apparel acts as a catalyst for natural biological processes which result in a temporary increase in blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals.

Celliant recovery apparel is made of the only yarn that works with every every fiber of your being. Our Energy Apparel is designed to stimulate the recovery process, increases comfort, enhances performance, and promotes better endurance.

Clinical trials were conducted to prove the effectiveness of Celliant technology. Trials were conducted at: University of Calif. Irvine, University Of Calgary, UC Long Beach VA Medical, Texas A&M University and Loyola University Chicago.

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