Infrared Sleep Recovery

Infrared Sleep Recovery

It's time for a better night's sleep.

Wake up Refreshed & Revitalized


Infrared technology promotes a more restful sleep


Infrared technology aids in faster, quicker recovery


Infrared technology promotes recovery


Infrared technology supports thermoregulation

Guaranteed a Great Nights Sleep

Infrared Recovery Linens are made with fine Egyptian cotton and are designed to provide a more restful sleep. It promotes recovery, supports thermoregulation, and refreshes the body for better performance during the day.

Infrared Sleep Recovery products contain a patented blend of 13 active minerals that never wash out. They are designed to act as a catalyst for natural biological processes resulting in temporary promotion of increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. It also balances thermoregulation for a better night’s sleep.

The minerals used in every fiber were selected for their thermo-reactive ability to most effectively convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back into the body. This helps thermoregulation for a better nights sleep.

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