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June 26, 2016
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April 6, 2018
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Your Feet Can Empower You!

Most people are used to socks on the market today, which, if made from natural fibers like wool or cotton, have not evolved much in hundreds of years. Some of the newer synthetics do provide wicking of moisture, or antimicrobial properties woven in or applied as coatings. Highly advertised compression socks compress circulation of blood yet hardly address an athlete’s need for more energy.

Solution: Infrared-Active High Energy Socks. Quite possibly the most highly researched and clinically tested technical sock in the world–yet based on natural properties of minerals, known since ancient times. This technology actually captures and recycles body heat into a different form of energy through high-tech, mineral-based yarn. Wasted heat energy is transformed into invisible infrared light to power your feet like never before. Infrared light penetrates the body to enhance circulation and feed the feet more oxygen.

It’s the ANTIDOTE to circulation-squeezing compression wear–once the blood leaves the foot the body has to work harder to get it back to the foot–wasting energy and leaving feet out of energy.

These mineral-based high-tech energy socks are designed to be anti-fatigue and quick-drying while on your feet–breaking up water molecules leaving bacteria and fungus no place to hide. And they don’t stink! So your FEET can EMPOWER YOU!

Available at www.EnergyTextiles.com

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