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November 24, 2014
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The Question

I told my business partner John that we are running an uphill battle trying to get people to change their way of thinking in order to buy Energy Textiles revolutionary products. Like thinking of their clothing as a way to help their athletic performance. Or to help increase circulation where needed for healing and recovery. Or a way to get a better night’s sleep—with therapeutic infrared light recycled from body heat which otherwise would go wasted.

He is an optimist and thinks that once people understand the technology, they will go for it.  Why wouldn’t they? They have to buy clothes, sheets, socks, and if injured—wraps—so why wouldn’t they choose Infrared-Active items containing infrared yarn, designed to  recycle the body’s energy into infrared light—which  is reflected back into the body and draws 7-20% more circulation and oxygen to areas where it’s needed? And is also designed to stimulate natural production of nitric oxide to help produce more energy—and to balance body temperature.

I am trying to be an optimist too. But this technology is so revolutionary—will the average person take the time to understand it? Or what it can do for them? Because, while it is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, it can go a long way toward better performance and recovery. And natural pain relief as well.

Take my daughter, Tricia, for example. She is currently on a seven-week trek across South America and some of the places she is visiting are rugged, to say the least. High altitude hiking across Peru and visiting penguins in Patagonia, horseback riding like a goucho—all call for Energy Textiles gear like basewear, energy socks, and even an infrared active sleeping bag, which is carried by LL Bean.  Infrared sheets are shown to provide a better night’s sleep—so important  when traveling. Or sleeping in freezing temperatures in a tent! Dear daughter, you asked me to send you  the pass  you forgot at home to go to airport lounges to take a shower (I’m still trying to figure how that works) but if you were wearing infrared active textiles, you would not only have more energy but also stay fresher—the fabric stays dry and fresh and inhibits the growth of microbes.  Even socks! She is traveling light—everything in a backpack—and not having to wash clothing so often would be a definite plus.

But, she did not listen to her mother. She reverts back to being a teenager whenever I make a suggestion. (She is 29). Hence the panicky request for the airport lounge pass to take a shower.

I can’t wait to hear about her adventures when she returns  home next week. Maybe I can’t get my children to embrace our textiles. Just yet.  Maybe they will wait till it becomes cool and trendy and then they’ll give it a try. But they are missing out on a lot of benefits in the meantime.

The question is—will you?

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