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October 7, 2014
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Infrared Wrist Wrap


The Energy Textiles Wrist Wrap is designed to offer support and increased circulation of the wrist during athletics or other repetitive activities. Lightweight and breathable, designed to increase circulation and provide comfortable support. Celliant yarn contains a patented blend of minerals which are infrared active by recycling the your body’s energy. Celliant will never wash or wear out.

Made from 45% Celliant Polyester, 8% Cotton, 33% Nylon and 14% Spandex. Sizes run small.

Machine Wash / Regular Dry


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Wrist Wrap infused with Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology is designed to:

  • Recycle the body’s energy using infrared Active Technology.
  • Increase oxygen and blood flow when being worn.
  • Help relieve joint and muscle pain through better blood flow.
  • Regulate body temperature to keep you cool or warm as needed.
  • Ease fatigue when you’re sitting for long periods of time.
  • Enhance performance during physical exercise.
  • Improve athletic training sessions and endurance.
  • Help reduce back pain by increasing blood flow.
  • Help the body efficiently recover during sleep with quicker entry of REM sleep.
  • Never wash out, the benefits are maintained for the life of the product.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Available Sizes:

Medium, Large